Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra Pressure Washer

Nilfisk E140 Pressure Washer Review

Pressure washers do not have to be complicated a long as they do the job well – that is why a simple product like the Nilfisk E140 Pressure Washer is so appealing on first impressions.

There is little to mention in the specification for this 18.9kg machine other than that it has a powerful 140 bar pressure system and 2100 motor, a flow rate of 500 litres an hours and accessories to make the job easier. Is this washer a little too simplistic to be beneficial or does it provide the right level of design and performance for the job?

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Karcher K4 Pressure Washer

Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Review

One commenter was not so successful in assembling the Karcher K4 pressure washer, stating that he felt the manual was difficult to follow. In addition, he noted that the cable hook for the product was not included – an item he later found out had to be purchased separately.

Most consumers who bought the Karcher pressure washer gave it good marks with only one reviewer posting a negative comment. However, that still didn’t prevent him from using the power washer as he chose not to return it. Most complaints were directed toward assembly or a missing accessory.

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Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-TRA Pressure Washer

Nilfisk P150 Pressure Washer Review

If you are looking out for a power washer that can rival your current model and provide a faster, more powerful clean, it is no surprise that the Nilfisk P150 Pressure Washer would jump out as an attractive buy. This heavy duty, high performance product has been designed to offer a great result through a powerful system and plenty of other helpful features.

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Karcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review

If you frequently struggle to get rid of the dirt and debris from your deck or patio, then you really should think about investing in the Karcher K2 pressure washer – a premium electric, high pressure washer that cleans up any patio or deck in a minimum amount of time.

So, take the time you save by using the washer and, instead, sit back and relax on your deck or patio. Not only does the Karcher K2 superbly clean driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios, and siding, it also adroitly gets rid of the dust and dirt on cars, patio furniture, tools, and bicycles too.

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Karcher K5 Pressure Washer

Karcher K5 Pressure Washer Review

Most reviewers sprinkled their comments with such words as “quick,” “fast,” and “easy” to describe the impression they received from using the Kärcher K5 pressure washer. One reviewer made the complaint that the power washer was not a high-quality washer despite the fact that he’d been using the equipment for a good part (or three-quarters) of a year.

He added that the pressure washer did an adequate cleaning job and that the attachments made using the appliance quite handy. So, even if one reviewer was not totally pleased with the machine, he still had to give it good marks with respect to convenience and the machine’s capacity to clean.

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Karcher K3.550 Pressure Washer

Karcher K3.550 Pressure Washer Review

Consumers like the ease of changing attachments, all which are provided in the accessory storage compartment affixed to the machine. The Karcher K3.550 pressure washer is resilient to impact as it also features a casing made of plastic that keeps out dirt and prevents the machine from getting damaged. The safety valve on the washer stops pressure overload. In addition, when the ergonomically-friendly trigger gun is operated, a switch on the washer turns the machine on and off.

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Halfords HP2800 Pressure Washer

Halfords HP2800 Pressure Washer Review

Most reviews from the users of the Halfords HP2800 Pressure Washer have shown such high regard for the product. Majority of the comments focused on how affordable the power cleanser is. For a very useful household or business establishment tool, the customers find the price tag for the product quite reasonable.

Other positive feedbacks are about how user-friendly the device actually is despite the intimidating accessories and how it can be easily moved from one place to another due its lightness compared to other brands of the same nature. Sturdiness is another product point that has appealed to the users. In fact one supporter comments that he has always needed a powerful pressure washer for his car and the Halfords HP2800 definitely fits the bill. Halfords HP2800 is truly a good investment especially for people who value order and cleanliness.

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Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer

Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer Review

The Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer does not lack in power with its extremely prevailing engine and the aluminum pump. It allows for maximum water flow and optimal pressure and speed. The variable nozzles and the swiveling options offer utmost cleaning possibilities.

The soft grip allows for comfortable easily gripped nozzles. An excellent feature for extended cleaning projects, and the extended 6 meter hose which allows for long distance stretches. This Nilfisk C120 pressure washer also includes a cleaner special for cleaning hoses, cleaner for the patio, and a brush made special for cleaning automobiles.

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Bosch Aquatak 1200 Plus Power Pressure Washer

Bosch Aquatak 1200 plus Pressure Washer Review

Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Bosch Aquatak1200 plus came across as having a poor on/off switch which kept falling off according to the majority of the reviewers despite having the whole machine replaced and getting a second one. Most of them were not impressed by how easily the switch kept falling apart. Some thought that the spray was too strong and it sometimes peeled off paint from surfaces and that dirt can easily get to your eyes when using it.

Overall, with an average of 3 out of 5 stars ratings, the Bosch Aquatak 1200 plus Power Pressure Washer doesn’t perform the way it should. We suggest that you better look for another product instead.

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Karcher K2.36M + Pressure Washer and T50 Patio Cleaner

Karcher K2.36M+ Pressure Washer Review

Best Pressure Washer Reviews – The Karcher K2.36M+ T50 is a solid pressure washer which provides utmost cleaning experience. The machine is characterised with high pressure for strong cleaning and also a low pressure option meant for rinsing.

The low pressure alternative is also used in application of detergent as well as gentle cleaning purposes. The Karcher K2.36M+ also features an upright design with a couple of wheels and a handle facilitates convenient maneuverability of the device.

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